Greg brings design thinking and innovation methodologies to global leaders in consumer, healthcare, medical, commercial and industrial verticals. With a passion for human centered and empathic design, user experience, business models and technology, Greg helps companies and their leaders develop innovative breakthroughs grounded in business integrity.

As a professional in design, innovation and brand consulting, Greg helps companies deliver on their brand promises at every moment of truth. He has had the honor of working with top talent at companies like: Apple, CVS Health, HP, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Home Depot, Johnson & Johnson, Cisco Systems, 3M, Staples, Philips and many others.

Leading talented teams of researchers, strategists, designers, engineers and more, Greg has helped execute hundreds of programs to empower development teams and bring new products to market. This work includes consumer electronics like 3D printers, soldier protective gear for the US Army, medical devices and surgical equipment for a host of conditions and patients, thermal imaging systems, commercial laboratory equipment supporting highly complex activities, consumer packaged goods and much more.

Greg was influenced by Peter Block’s writings in “Flawless Consulting.” He is a believer and practitioner of collaborative relationships that solve problems so they stay solved. Both the business and technical problems must be given proper attention. How solutions fit into existing cultures, competencies and capabilities is a critical topic of project discussion.

Sitting on the Board of Governors for the Alumni Association at the University of Cincinnati allows Greg to give back to his beloved alma mater. An undergraduate degree in Health Planning and MBA in Marketing underpin more than 20 years of consultative business development success and record-breaking achievement with design and information technology outfits.

Born and raised in Cincinnati, OH, Greg is a Bearcats, Bengals, Reds and Buckeyes fan…and Skyline Chili devotee. In 2005, he moved to Portsmouth, NH to begin the New England chapter of his journey. Greg currently resides in Fairfield County, CT where he and his family enjoy the water and outdoors every day. NYC is only a short train ride away.

As a global adventure traveler, Greg circumnavigated both islands of New Zealand solo [Tip: Take a boat cruise on Milford Sound]. He and his wife honeymooned in Argentina [Tip: Drive from Salta to the Salina Grandes Salt Flats] and drank with locals at Oktoberfest in Munich [Tip: Look your fellow toaster in the eye when clinking glasses to “Prost”]. He is also known for chasing down rare beers.

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