Founder, Engine90
Founder, The Strategy Board

Mike is Founder of Engine90 and Founder of The Strategy Board, a Hong Kong based strategy development and execution firm. At Engine90 Mike is maniacal that we have something new to say, to make sure that we constantly renew who we are and what we do, to attract meaningful clients who see the world as a series of open ideas, and to ensure that what Engine90 thought about yesterday is not what we are planning to do tomorrow.

With a passion for distilling the most complex of-the-moment business scenarios into small digestible bites, Mike has helped steer companies of every size past the minefield of jargon and buzzwords that have become a common trap to getting things done. His mantra is ‘complexity is overrated’.

Prior to co-founding Engine90, Mike founded The Corporate Group. The Corporate Group was built as a creative platform from which to develop unusual ways to solve complex business issues. We are the quiet creators of many of the techniques and measures that are used by many departments every day.

Mike was also Group CEO at TMP Worldwide, which at the time was a visionary force bent on pushing multiple communities to the next generation technologies. TMP rapidly grew several acquisition models, and eventually morphed as Monster.com, the most disruptive force of its time to of any media.?? During the designed growth of Monster, Mike drove the integration of disparate business structures, and was instrumental in creating the building blocks for a global, multi-tiered search model, which eventually became Hudson Highland. Monster.com lives today as one of the strongest household brands on the planet.

In his various roles, Mike has worked with hundreds of companies, including Harley-Davidson, Reebok, Gap, Miller Brewing, Tenet Healthcare, Thomson Multimedia, Ernst and Young, Lafarge, Abbott Labs, and Nissan Motors. His work spans four continents, every industry group, and every discipline.

As a regular speaker on business trends, fads, and emerging models, Mike focuses on separating the truly meaningful from the hype. Most recently Mike was an advisor to Tsinghua University in China. He holds an AB from Harvard.

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