Paola has served at various times as both a Chief Information Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Board Member of several major apparel, manufacturing and ICT organizations. She is recognized as an innovator in organization design, strategic planning, and the learning / living organization. She has started, grown, and turned around small, medium and large firms as both a senior executive and a consultant. Paola is deeply committed to changing how we think about companies and their strategic needs and how to think and create emerging opportunities.

Core Competencies

Paola has spent over 15 years working directly in business and product strategy, product design and development, manufacturing, ICT and digital innovation. She knows how to build cross-cultural teams and projects, manage large scale change, and to develop teams for what-comes-next strategies.

As a managing consultant and researcher in business model innovation she helps company to re-design their organization with the full involvement of key leadership, and the reality of resources and operations. Experienced in project and change management in large and medium companies across several sectors and countries, Paola achieves measurable success in project management and R&D for multinationals in Europe, Asia and USA.

Paola has written and published dozens of articles for both academic and professional journals on leadership and innovation. She is fluent in English, French, and her native Italian.


Paola’s career track is defined by applying increasingly diverse experiences in disparate aspects of organization design. She served for 10 years as CIO of Italian companies and afterwards mastered her competences and practices in Human Resources and Business Design.

At the peak of the Internet revolution (2000-2004), she was on the inside of FILA Sport SpA as the senior executive that managed the design and implementation of one of first of its type open source solution delivered: Web-collaboration PLATFORM (Fila Sport PDM). She was lead SAP program manager, involving more than 120 employees and 80 consultants, from 54 different countries. She enhanced her vision and experience in strategy and tactics from MIS to the holistic complexity that is a company: people, processes, technologies and knowledge ware.

After her experiences as a senior executive, Paola in 2005 started her consultancy and research activities in the organization design field: her efforts are focused to help leadership identify growth, align the organization, and motivate committed people from different cultures so they become a major part any solution.

Paola is board member at Chinese American Scholar Association, founded for academics, managers, professionals who support the dynamics of current Chinese American issues. CASA runs workshops on the following topics: Distance Education, Entrepreneurship, E-Commerce, Ethics, and Social Responsibility, providing new and innovative ways to learn.
Since 2006, CASA ran 20 successful E-Leader conferences in Asia and Europe. Speakers and participants raved about the level of face-to-face exchanges between CEOs, founders, managers and professors, from diverse areas of expertise and background.

Since 2014 Paola collaborates with the National University (Università Statale) of Milan, conducting lectures about innovation in education, organization, and business psychology.

Paola holds an advanced degree in Computer Science from Università degli Studi Statale di Milano.