Founder, Cleaver Consulting Group

Walt is founder of The Cleaver Consulting Group, Network Director, Innovation Network Asia, past President and CEO of The Human Resources Planning Society, and a sought after speaker on global business trends. As an early stage Partner of Engine90, Walt is enthusiastic to spread our mission to every corner of the planet.

Core Competencies
Walt’s insights and collaborations have allowed him to understand the internal clockworks of complex organizations from a strategic, cultural, and leadership viewpoint. His knowledge base is structurally a mile wide, and a mile deep. Having worked, keynoted, and facilitated at the leadership level of multi national corporations on three continents, Walt is well versed in of-the-moment dynamics of current organizational issues.

Knowledge Framework
His knowledge and capabilities are drawn from his deep understanding of the strategic nature of the modern company, its best practices globally, and how a strong strategic framework can help organizations adapt to the dramatic and constant changes in the financial, social, and political environments. His global network of thought leaders and practitioners as well as his access to the workings of the most admired and successful global companies gives him a unique view of practices that support success and a keen sense of “what’s next”.

Defining Experiences
As President and CEO of HRPS for close to fourteen years, the Society doubled its membership, expanded internationally, grew its content and publishing arm, and positioned itself as the progressive thought instigator on leadership and organizational design.

Practice Models
Leadership Audit
Workforce Trends
Human Capital Best Practices